New Assassin’s Creed 3 Details

Following a new batch of screens and artwork comes some fresh new details on Wii U’s latest title…
  • Several new enemy types including Native Americans and burly Scots
  • The plot spans 35 years of Connor’s life
  • Connor is trying to save his people and give them a future in America
  • New feature: stalking zones, Connor can hide in bushes and move through foliage; the players can circle a target and go in for the kill
  • The game features snow, rain, and fog, which affects gameplay
  • Enemies may carry axes
  • Combat has been complete overhauled
  • Players can dual-wield weapons
  • New Eastern-inspired weapon: rope dart. Players can string enemies up like wild game
  • Controls for free running have been simplified
  • Play 30% of the missions on the frontier
  • Frenchman Lafayette appears in the game
  • NPCs have individual roles and varied routines
  • 3:1 is the scale of Boston compared to the real city
  • Narrative scope is about 20% larger than AC2
  • Percentage of speaking characters in the game based on real historical people is 80%
  • “Assassin’s Creed 3 is all but to renew your faith in the series.”