New amiibo for Link’s Awakening and Smash shown at E3

link's awakening amiibo

With Nintendo’s E3 Direct and the official opening of the Expo both taking place today, we’ve received a ton of news about the Big N and its upcoming titles. Of course, Nintendo isn’t going to let another E3 go by without some new amiibo to show off. We don’t yet have all of our favorite Smash¬†fighters as collectible figurines, so Nintendo is releasing a bunch.

Later this year, we’ll see Simon Belmont, Chrom, and Incineroar. Next year Nintendo will release Richter Belmont and Dark Samus amiibo. Check them out below:

But we’ve seen all these guys before. An all-new amiibo was also shown off during today’s Nintendo Treehouse live show. To celebrate the upcoming remake, Link’s Awakening Link will receive his own amiibo. Where exactly is this new Link figure? Alright, hold your horses. Here’s the big kahuna himself:

link's awakening amiibo

Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention, pretty adorable as well. This new Link amiibo is set to release on September 20, the same day The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening¬†is releasing on the Nintendo Switch. I haven’t collected many amiibo lately, but I sure am excited to pick up that new Link. He’s just so tiny and adorable. How could I pass him up?

I’m sure you guys are interested in some of these as well. Well, if you can’t contain your excitement and want to jump the gun now, you can pre-order Link right now.

Do you guys plan on picking any of these up for your amiibo collection? What other figures would you like to see Nintendo make for upcoming games? Sound off in the comments below!


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