New 3DS XL Colors Hit Japan this November

Just in time for Halloween, Nintendo has a little orange and black surprise for us.  Only two problems, it is only coming to Japan (so far), and it isn\’t actually coming out until November.  On November 28th of this year, Japanese gamers will be able to purchase 3DS XLs in orange/black and turquoise/black.  The limited \”packs\” will be released in the Land of the Rising Sun for ¥19900, roughly the equivalent of $204 US.  Unfortunately, the orange/black version does not come with candy corn and fake cobwebs, but we hold out hope that Nintendo of America doesn\’t make the same mistake when they eventually get their shot at the festive Autumn color combination.


The 3DS XL is the largest member of the 3DS family which includes the original 3DS, and the newly released 2DS.  Past color combinations have included blue/black, red/black, and recently Pokemon X and Y themed iterations.

Tyson Gifford