Do you have any gaming New Year’s resolutions?

New 3DS XL

A year’s dwindling final days are a great opportunity for reflection, and the ensuing new year is a great chance for a clean slate or fresh start in attacking certain goals for self-improvement in our health, relationships, and life trajectories. Of course, New Year’s resolutions do not have to be all top-level, super-serious stuff, as cool as those resolutions are–they can also cover fun topics and hobbies like video games. Perhaps there is a certain classic RPG you have been meaning to play, or a retro system you want to save up for. Do you have any gaming New Year’s resolutions?

Mine is quite simple. I want to see a net decrease in my backlog in 2020. It will, however, be quite hard to pull off. It’s been years since I managed to do anything like that, and as a result, I have a steadily-climbing backlog that currently rests at 233 games. Despite my taking nearly forty games off of my backlog this year, it’s still bigger than at the beginning of 2019  (though, that’s almost entirely thanks to freebies from the Epic Games Store and a small gifted collection earlier in the year). Backlogging is fun, but I’m awful at it.

I’m approaching this resolution by using sites like HowLongToBeat and the 12in12 Reddit challenge, and I am focusing on beating the games that I start instead of shelving them halfway through. I’ve already drastically slowed down in buying games, but with EGS and other storefronts, there is still a constant influx of new games to contend with. We’ll see how it goes.

Slightly related to my main goal is a promise to treat myself with a New 3DS XL or a GBA SP. I’ve always wanted one of either system, and since I have a pretty sizable backlog for each, paired with ailing hardware to play those games with, these purchases might even facilitate me playing some games off my shelf.

Do you have any gaming New Year’s resolutions? Share them in the comments, good luck in carrying them out, and well wishes to you and yours as you ring in a new decade this evening!

Nick Pearson
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