Nevaeh shows off action adventure gameplay that uses… a butterfly

Nevaeh trailer butterfly gameplay Alpheratz* CFK

Developer Alpheratz* and publisher CFK are bringing action adventure game Nevaeh to Nintendo Switch and Steam “soon,” and there is a new gameplay trailer to showcase what to expect. As you can tell at a glance, light and darkness play heavily into the game, and main character “the Girl” is tasked with climbing “the Tower” to bring light back to a village covered in darkness. However, at least part of the reason that the village went dark is because the Girl took away the Tower’s butterfly that provided light in the first place.

The interplay between the Girl and the butterfly seems to be at the heart of gameplay in Nevaeh. The butterfly’s mystic light can identify hidden monsters and generate power for machines, and it can also move shadows to solve puzzles.

However, Alpheratz* has incorporated a combo system into the combat too. Jumping on enemies or luring them into traps kills them, and bigger combos recover more stamina. Stamina dwindles when time is spent in the darkness, but aside from combos, stamina and mana can also be recovered by finding light.

Steam lists Nevaeh as releasing Sept. 25, but the CFK trailer only makes a promise that it’s “coming soon.” In any case, stay tuned.

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