Netflix’s The Witcher trailer likely to reveal release date tomorrow

The Witcher Netflix trailer release date Dec. 17 maybe

The Witcher fans have been anticipating the upcoming Netflix adaptation for most of 2019. A teaser released on the show’s Twitter account revealed that a full trailer is coming tomorrow. However, I don’t think this is just any other trailer. I believe all signs point to a release date for The Witcher.

To start with, Netflix likes to hype up trailers for trailers when they have a big release date to announce. They’ve done it with several of their flagship shows in the past, such as with Stranger Things and their various Marvel series.

Secondly, The Witcher will have its very own red carpet premiere on Dec. 16 according to a Twitter account obsessed with uncovering details of the show. With a premiere ready for viewing in December, we can assume the series will start shortly after. For reference, the red carpet premiere of Stranger Things 3 was just five days before the show was available for streaming.

Either way, this is largely speculation for now. We’re just going to have to wait for the official word from Netflix, which will hopefully come tomorrow. For now, feast your eyes on that sick teaser.

Do you think The Witcher will release in December sooner rather than later? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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