Netflix social media would like to see a Chrono Trigger series

Chrono Trigger Netflix social media Square Enix

As I’ve noted on several occasions, Chrono Trigger is the greatest video game of all time, and its soundtrack is the greatest video game soundtrack of all time, period, end of story. And on a slow Friday evening where news is in low supply, you can bet I’ll jump at any chance to talk about it. In this case, Netflix NX social media asked gamers what the top five RPG boss fights are, and they listed Lavos from Chrono Trigger as their top pick. A fan then replied pleading with Square Enix to make a TV series out of the game (or to just make anything new out of the property), and Netflix social media fully supported the idea.

Now, does this random, likely underpaid Netflix social media person have any clout at the company or power to influence business decisions? Almost definitely not. A random executive’s 8-year-old child probably has more power to influence the company than this particular person.

But it’s better than nothing, and seeing how a Final Fantasy XIV TV series is already in the works, it definitely can’t hurt to start pushing an idea for a Chrono Trigger Netflix TV series into the world. So if you like the sound of this, make noise about it and share it around! Tell Square Enix and Netflix how you feel.


John Friscia
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