NES gets transformed into spectacular Switch dock


One Nintendo Switch owner has gone above and beyond to give new life to an old busted NES. Reddit user IMOKRUOK created a NES Switch dock by purchasing a broken console and refashioning it to fit the hybrid console. (The user kept the NES parts leftover in case his actual, working NES console ever needs parts replaced.) As you can see below, the new device works incredibly well. In some ways this is actually a much more robust dock for the console, preventing it from being knocked over when you insert the console too enthusiastically, or if your cat is feeling particularly mean.

NES Switch dock (build pics in comments) from NintendoSwitch

They also posted a link detailing the process in photos that they went through while building the dock, and it was not a simple job. For one thing, the NES casing hides various wires and circuit boards that all connect with the Switch as the standard dock does, and some laser cutting was required to get everything to fit just so. As IMOKRUOK notes, “power button is an interrupt for the LED so (I don’t) have to have it on all the time, but the reset button switches between ‘TV Mode’ and ‘Charging only.'”

This NES Switch dock shows just what you can make out of old consoles and technology if you have the patience and the technical knowledge.


Jamie Sharp
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