NES and Famicom ‘Controller Button Collection’ keychains revealed

NES and Famicom Controller Button Collection keychains revealed

Nintendo has revealed a new gachapon series that caught some attention in Japan with the bite-sized NES and Famicom “Controller Button Collection” keychains.

The Controller Button Collection comes in Famicom and NES varieties. They’re essentially miniature controllers split into three parts of D-pad, Start &  Select buttons, and the A & B buttons. It goes without saying, but Nintendo mentioned that the controller pieces don’t work with any of its consoles. However, it does appear to have pressable buttons, so that’s a win right there.

In addition to the three NES and Famicom controller keychains, there’s a secret variant that hasn’t been revealed, for a total of seven different keychains from the gachapon series for 500 yen (~$4.51) a pop. Check out the announcement tweet from Nintendo Tokyo’s official Twitter below:

“The new capsule toy, ‘Controller Button Collection,’ has arrived for early purchase at Nintendo Tokyo Pop-Up Stores. Look forward to seeing whether you get one of the nostalgic Famicom or the NES which released overseas.”

The Nintendo Tokyo Pop-Up Stores will open on June 25, starting with the Nagoya Parco and Fukuoka Parko locations. These will be open for business until July 25. After, the Sendai Parco shop will be open from July 31 to Aug. 15. The Hiroshima Parco shop opens on Aug. 14, and the Sapporo shop on Aug. 21, and both will be available through Sept. 5, 2021. The regular Nintendo Tokyo shop will likely get the mini-controller keychains later.