Neon White has you exterminating demons in heaven using parkour

Neon White Nintendo Switch PC release date summer 2021 Annapurna Interactive first-person shooter parkour Soul Cards exterminate demons in heaven

As revealed at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Neon White from Annapurna Interactive is a frenetic first-person shooter with parkour mechanics where you use Soul Cards as weapons to vanquish demons hanging out in heaven. That’s a pretty wild one-sentence description for a game, right? Furthermore, seeing the words “Be the best… or burn in hell,” in a Nintendo presentation is not something that would have happened a couple decades ago. Regardless, Neon White is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in winter 2021, and it should probably be on your radar.

The premise is that the eponymous protagonist is an assassin “plucked from Hell” who is competing with other demon hunters for redemption. Presumably, the person who kills the most demons will get to ascend. Speedrunning sounds like it will be a major component of the game, as it encourages combining cards strategically to create “massive shortcuts.” Neon White will evidently tell a narrative of some sort as well, as you get to know the other assassins.

Unless you love Mario Golf or Splatoon, the Nintendo Direct yesterday didn’t necessarily have an enormous knockout punch. However, it did have a heck of a lot of great one-two combinations, with my personal highlight being Square Enix’s Project Triangle Strategy, a game that is basically Tactics Ogre with a new name.


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