Neon White gameplay trailer explains how cards factor into parkour

Neon White gameplay trailer card combat speedrunning motion mobility Nintendo Switch release date winter 2021

During the Annapurna Interactive Showcase today, developer Ben Esposito appeared to elaborate on the gameplay of Neon White, a first-person parkour game with card combat and an emphasis on speedrunning that was first revealed in a February Nintendo Direct. Esposito explained with a new video that you can use cards to both shoot guns or discard the cards for movement boosts. Discarding is crucial for moving around levels fast. Apparently, discarding different cards provides different sorts of movement boosts.

You can compete with friends or the world for fastest completion times in levels on the leaderboards. The more effectively you complete levels in Neon White, the more additional missions you can unlock. You can also find collectibles in levels that are tucked away in places that are puzzle-like in how you can obtain them. Despite the heavy emphasis on gameplay and parkour though, Neon White will have a story with characters you can interact with and give gifts to deepen relationships. You are an assassin pulled out of hell to compete with other demon hunters for redemption, but there is still opportunity to chat somehow.

Neon White will come to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam sometime this winter, and now we have a better idea of how gameplay works.

John Friscia
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