Need a micro SD Card for your Switch? Amazon has discounts on SanDisk

microSD Nintendo Switch

SanDisk micro SD cards have been known for dropping in price very frequently. Thus, it should come as no surprise that it’s currently happening yet again over on Amazon.

The 400GB option, which is currently the largest in the line-up, is going for just $64.17 right now. Its usual price is $81.55, so this is a 21% discount which will save you about $17.38. Not bad at all. The smaller cards have also been discounted, though not nearly to the same degree at all. But, the other deals like $36.99 for 256GB isn’t too bad at all if you don’t need a huge amount of space.

Keep your eye on prices in the coming months, as the incoming release of SanDisk’s new 1TB micro SD cards will be sure to make the price of the smaller variants drop even more significantly.


A.K Rahming
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