NBA 2?14 Not Coming To The Wii U

Bad news for SportsEnthusiasts… The upcoming version of the critically acclaimed sports series NBA 2K will skip this year Nintendo’s new home console.

Senior vice president of sports operations Jason Argent had some words on his decision:

\”We are not doing a Wii U version this year, the decision was made internally that resources would be best put toward building a really, really amazing current-generation and next-generation game and we didn\’t want to take resources away from creating amazing experiences on…all those platforms.\”

Well, someone would like to ask him though: “As what is the Wii U considered by devs, if it’s not included under the terms “current-generation-” and “next-generation-game”?

Last year’s release, NBA 2K13, was hailed by critics for the smart use of the GamePad when it made its appearance on the Wii U.

[Source: Gamespot]

Hektor Apostolopoulos