Myst TV show receives X-Men: First Class writer as showrunner

Myst TV show showrunner X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller Village Roadshow Entertainment Group

Myst marched into the room in 1993 and kicked the table over with its gorgeous 3D graphics and utterly bewildering puzzles. The game saw dramatic success on Mac and PC before moving on to a variety of consoles, even including Nintendo DS. Heck, it’s Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser’s favorite video game. But this unique world won’t be confined to the realm of video games for much longer. The Village Roadshow Entertainment Group announced plans for a Myst TV and film universe last June, and today it became known via Deadline that X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller will be the showrunner for the TV show. He will also write the pilot episode.

The Myst TV show will be developed and produced by Village Roadshow, original game co-creator Rand Miller, and his youngest brother Ryan Miller (not to be confused with their other brother, Robyn Miller, who also co-created the game).

Being honest, I’ve never had the opportunity to play this game, so I’m relying on Deadline to piece together what kind of narrative to expect. But apparently, the story involves Atrus, the grandson of Anna, who discovered the D’ni civilization in a cavern in the New Mexico desert. The D’ni can write books that connect worlds together. Then… shenanigans ensue?

The Myst TV show does not appear to have a set platform it will launch on yet. It sounds like the project is in good hands so far though.


John Friscia
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