My Nintendo is finally getting physical rewards

My Nintendo is finally getting physical rewards

My Nintendo is about to get a lot cooler with the addition of physical merchandise. Members in the UK will soon be able to redeem their platinum coins for a set of Splatoon 2 posters. This is great news for any old fans of Club Nintendo.

my nintendo posters

Club Nintendo was really cool back in the day. You could buy all of your favorite games and redeem points for free physical merchandise. Unfortunately, the service was shut down and replaced with My Nintendo, an arguably inferior version of Club Nintendo in almost every way.

Up until now, My Nintendo has really only offered mediocre discounts on games their fans already likely owned. But with the introduction of the Splatoon posters, we can only hope the service will provide more physical merchandise in the future. Now the set just needs to come to North America.

I have a lot of old physical merch from Club Nintendo. So I would personally love to see more of this going forward. My favorite reward I ever received was the giant 3DS AR card. I could play all of the fun AR games on the 3DS in a larger living room setting!

What kind of rewards do you want to see in the future? What were your favorites from before? Let us know down in the comments below!


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