My Friend Peppa Pig, the most important game of 2021, is out now with a launch trailer

My Friend Peppa Pig launch trailer Petoons Studio Outright Games Hasbro

Hasbro, publisher Outright Games, and developer Petoons Studio have shared the launch trailer for My Friend Peppa Pig, which is out today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia platforms for $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99. This story-driven interactive adventure based on the intensely successful British cartoon should feel intimately familiar to its preschooler fan base, especially because it looks just like the cartoon and doesn’t seem to require any reading to play. There is plenty of voice acting here and little to no UI to navigate.

Characters like Peppa, Mummy and Daddy Pig, Suzy, and Mr. Potato all feature in My Friend Peppa Pig, and you’ll spot them in the launch trailer. You however play as an original character that you get to create and customize, to go on adventures with the gang. You’ll visit places like “Peppa’s house, Peppa’s grandparents’ house, the forest, Snowy Mountain, the museum, the playgroup, the beach, and Potato City.” Basically, if you have a Peppa-loving preschooler (or are some brilliant preschooler that is reading this article), it seems like you could do far worse than My Friend Peppa Pig as their first video game.

“We’re thrilled to bring the world of Peppa Pig to fans in this brand-new adventure video game,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “It was exciting to produce a video game in partnership with Hasbro where each player becomes the main character of their own story as they play along with Peppa Pig, and we’re excited to have created something for young children and their parents to enjoy together, discovering all the exciting things Peppa’s world has to offer.”

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a licensed game with a little more bite than Peppa Pig, Outright Games recently announced DC League of Super-Pets, an on-rails shooter with super dogs.

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