My Friend Pedro slips onto Switch on June 20, brings new trailer

My Friend Pedro slips onto Switch on June 20, brings new trailer

My Friend Pedro has been on our radar for a while now, and now we can finally say that the game will release on June 20 for Nintendo Switch and PC. A new trailer commemorates the news, displaying more of the slow motion bullet ballet that the game has been promising all along. Check it out:

Our own Arthur Damian previewed My Friend Pedro at PAX East 2019, and overall, he quite enjoyed it. He said, “Every time I pulled off something fancy, I entered a state of zen. When you learn how to utilize your limited slow motion time correctly and execute some ballet dodges, all while shooting two baddies in the face simultaneously, it’s poetry in motion.” That’s a pretty good testimonial, huh?

This game was first announced by publisher Devolver Digital and developer DeadToast Entertainment at E3 2018, so in total, we’ve only had to wait about a year for this title. These days, that’s an extremely reasonable length of time. Maybe even generous!

Stay tuned for the Nintendo Enthusiast review of My Friend Pedro as its release date approaches. But if you’re already feeling really good about this game, let us know down in the comments! I think the world is ready for banana friends.


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