My Friend Pedro getting ‘insane’ with new free update

my friend pedro update free

It’s hard not to love the aerobic ballet dance murder simulator action of My Friend Pedro. When we reviewed the game back in June, we were blown away by how all the various concepts and systems at play in the game came together to create such an addictive, intense action experience. If you’re an existing fan who wants to hop back in or someone who hasn’t even played the game yet, you’re going to be getting more bang for your buck soon thanks to a new update coming to My Friend Pedro.

Details on the update are slim right now. My Friend Pedro developers DeadToast Entertainment sent out a tweet this morning saying that a free update will be coming to the game soon. Beyond that, all we have to go off of is the absurd gif attached to the tweet.

In it, we see our gun-slinging protagonist rolling through a familiar level with a very unfamiliar new look. He’s way shorter in stature than normal and is also rocking a giant cabeza straight out of an NBA Jam big head mode. In fact, the enemies in the level are rocking absurdly large neck melons too.

Whatever insanity is in store for this new update, we’ll be sure to find out more soon. For now, My Friend Pedro is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


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