MX vs ATV All Out launch trailer brings the tricks to Switch

MX vs ATV All Out nintedo switch

MX vs ATV All Out launched a couple years back on PC, PlayStation, 4 and Xbox One, and it marked a series return from THQ Nordic. Now, as previously announced, a Nintendo Switch version has launched as well. The Nintendo Switch release trailer shows what Switch players can expect from this off-road racer.

The game features Opencross, Supercross, Nationals, Freestyle, and Waypoint competitions, providing some solid off-road variety. All of that is underpinned by a realistic physics system, which makes taking to the dirt tracks a thrilling drive. Improvements have been made to the vehicle handling, and on Switch you can enjoy two-player split-screen or an 8-player online mode.

One neat addition the series has always provided is a bunch of free-roam maps. Whilst a lot of the game and its campaign mode are based around tight circuits and tricky tracks, there’s a selection of open-world maps to choose from too. These areas let you test out your vehicle choices a bit more and get to grips with the physics system, which does need learning. Of course, these areas also provide a place to check out your vehicle customization choices, of which there are plenty.

MX vs ATV All Out has just launched on Switch for $39.99.


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