Mutant Year Zero port to Nintendo Switch teased in developer interview

Mutant Year Zero port to Nintendo Switch teased in developer interview

Did you enjoy Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle? Were you hoping to see more XCOM-like tactical games on Nintendo Switch? Then you’re in luck! It seems The Bearded Ladies, developer behind the upcoming Mutant Year Zero, is eyeing a Switch port in the future.

In an interview with WCCF Tech, The Bearded Ladies CEO¬†Haraldur Thormundsson responded with “That is something we will look into soon,” when asked about Mutant Year Zero coming to Switch. This is no confirmation, but it’s good to know the studio is exploring a port on Nintendo’s handheld hybrid.

If you don’t know about Mutant Year Zero, it is a tactical strategy game inspired by XCOM with stealth elements. Its roots are based on the pen-and-paper RPG of the same name. You play as a ragtag group of mutants taking down cultists and other enemy types. Each character in your party comes with their own powers and abilities to aid in battle. Some of the highlighted members include an anthropomorphic boar, duck, and the recently revealed fox named Farrow.

Mutant Year Zero will be released tomorrow for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here’s hoping Switch users will be able to get their hands on this too. Let us know if you wish to see more tactical games like this on Switch in the comments below!

David Giltinan
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