Mundaun delivers hand-penciled 3D horror to Switch this month

Mundaun Nintendo Switch release date May 27, 2021 Hidden Fields MWM Interactive hand-penciled horror hand-drawn 3D adventure

Following a bit of a quiet delay, publisher MWM Interactive and developer Hidden Fields have announced that pencil-drawn 3D horror game Mundaun will launch on Nintendo Switch with a release date of May 27, 2021. It previously released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in March, and we’ve included its launch trailer from then below to show off its utterly unique visual style. The whole game has a sort of grayscale aura to it, specifically because everything was textured in pencil.

In terms of actual gameplay, Mundaun entails an open and varied “alpine world where reality and myth intertwine,” and you will be solving puzzles with assistance from items in your inventory. There is also a “fear resistance factor” where more fear results in slower movement. Sometimes you will control vehicles like a sleigh or hay loader, and you will talk to “eccentric inhabitants who even have their own obscure spoken language.” The ultimate goal is to uncover the (probably supernatural) secret behind the death of your grandfather, who died in a fire.

Next week might be an ideal release date window for a game like Mundaun, as the game might have been buried next month amid Nintendo Switch E3 news. That being said, MWM Interactive will try its luck with releasing a game on Switch next month anyway, as Stonefly is coming to Switch on June 1.

[Source: PR]

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