Free ‘Old-Timers’ DLC introduces new trucks to MudRunner on 4/30

Some brand-new content is headed towards (SpintiresMudRunner as part of the Old-Timers DLC pack. Two new trucks will be included in this new release: the 1957 Chevrolet Napco 3100 and the 1952-1954 GMC DW950. In addition to these new classic trucks, a brand new map is also being added to the game: Rocky Hills.

Each of these new trucks will include special new attachments for players to try out. The Chevy Napco 3100 in particular has a new attachment that’s exclusive to the new map— a loaded log cart.

The new ‘Old Timers DLC’ pack will be available for free on April 30, 2019. This free pack is separate from the American Wilds expansion, meaning you don’t have to own American Wilds in order to download this. However, this doesn’t really apply to Switch players as that version of the game comes pre-installed with the American Wilds expansion right out of the box.

If you have yet to check out MudRunner, have a look at our review of the Switch version:

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Spintires: MudRunner - Switch Boxart


It’s really cool that the developers are still supporting MudRunner, especially considering the fact the game first released in 2017 (the Switch version just came late). But, work is already well underway with its sequel, MudRunner 2. While no concrete details have been released yet, the team has shown off some off-screen pictures that include a lot of new details. I did an analysis news piece over on PC Invasion, combing through the details that I could spot. They even sneakily released another shot after I was done with that piece, confirming that snow will be coming in the next game. It’ll be exciting to see MudRunner 2 in its full form, but for now, having some new content is a cool little way to tide fans over until it whenever the new game releases (hopefully soon?)

A.K Rahming
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