Moving Out, coming to Switch in 2020, is basically Overcooked as a moving simulator

Moving Out

Moving Out, a new title from SMG Studio, DevM Games, and team17, has been revealed for Switch and other systems with a 2020 release date. The reveal trailer below shows off some incredibly chaotic cooperative gameplay, with actions, sights, and sounds all quite reminiscent of couch co-op classic Overcooked.

Described as a “chaotic moving simulator” by team17 on the game’s official website, I can already see a lot to be excited for in Moving Out. While the concept of the game centers on transporting furniture and possessions out of a house, it is clear from the trailer that the developers have a metric ton of crafty, ridiculous scenarios in mind. After all, Overcooked is simply about running a kitchen, and that game had players screaming at each other at restaurants in traffic, the arctic, space, and more. With clear inspirations from Overcooked, Moving Out will hopefully match its predecessors as a centerpiece in indie co-op games.

What do you think of Moving Out? For me, this is a rare instance where I am almost totally sold by the reveal trailer alone. Of course, I want to see much more before committing, but Moving Out looks like pure and chaotic co-op fun. I can’t wait to give it a try.

Nick Pearson
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