Moto Rush GT finally gives you a new reason to use your Labo

Moto Rush GT Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Motorbike Nintendo Switch

Depending on whom you ask, Nintendo Labo is underappreciated, but developer Baltoro Games is looking to tap into that audience of Labo lovers with its new Nintendo Switch exclusive, Moto Rush GT. The racing game will support the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Motorbike, along with standard Joy-Con and Pro Controller support, when it releases in April of this year.

Moto Rush GT Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Motorbike Nintendo Switch

Moto Rush GT promises over 100 levels, 12 customizable bikes, 60 fps racing, ghost opponents and challenges, an ability to turn your vehicle by tilting the console, four different game modes, weather effects, and — most notably — “endless runner” features of some kind.

The racing titles available on Switch are gradually piling up, but the Labo Toy-Con Motorbike support and the endless runner aspect make this game stand out. So if you’re a racing game fan, a Labo fan, or both, this is a title to keep your eye on next month as release date and pricing are finalized.

John Friscia
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