Mother to Earth: The Untold Story of Earth Bound doc is out now

Mother to Earth: The Untold Story of Earth Bound documentary available now streaming on Vimeo $9.99 EarthBound Beginnings

Looking for a cool video game documentary to watch? Mother to Earth: The Untold Story of Earth Bound is available to rent or purchase now on Vimeo for $2.99 or $9.99 respectively. As we previously reported, this is a documentary about the story of how the original Famicom Mother game — finally released internationally as EarthBound Beginnings on Wii U in 2015 — was actually originally supposed to release in English on NES as “Earth Bound.”

Among other things, the documentary elaborates on “how a prototype leaked out” and “was dumped online by teenage hackers in the late (’90s),” and the doc creators talked to “the employees that localized the game, the composer in Japan, and a lawyer to find out just how much trouble we’re all in!” Mother to Earth is 96 minutes long, a healthy length, and is rated PG for language and “brief smoking images.” Alright then.

Even though it’s fair to say the Mother / EarthBound franchise is fairly well known these days, largely thanks to Super Smash Bros., it’s still accurate to describe the games as a cult series as far as sales are concerned. Of course, if Nintendo were to ever finally, officially localize Mother 3 (or just use the outstanding fan translation), perhaps that would change. Fans are making a successor to the franchise called Oddity that looks pretty promising at least.

Let us know if you plan to view Mother to Earth: The Untold Story of Earth Bound. I sure do.


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