Mother to Earth, documentary about EarthBound Beginnings, gets trailer

Earthbound Beginnings documentary Mother to Earth Shigesato Itoi English translation leaked

In 2015, EarthBound Beginnings, aka Mother, finally released on Wii U internationally. The game had originally released in Japan in 1989, and it was the precursor to cult classic Mother 2, known internationally as EarthBound. However, once upon a time, the original Mother was indeed planned to come to North America, and a translation was prepared for the game. In fact, there are *ahem* stories that somehow, some way, a genuine copy of the game in English existed out in the wild… A new documentary called  Mother to Earth will tell the story of this genuine English EarthBound NES copy. Take a look at the new trailer, which promises that the film is “coming soon.”

Mother to Earth was actually funded on Kickstarter last year, where it made over $37,000, so there is definitely a built-in audience for this exciting story and its deep intrigue. Here is how the documentary filmmakers themselves describe the project:

This film will show the story behind the inception of the Mother/Earthbound series and the history of Mother’s failed initial release in North America. The film will also shed a light on the underground subculture of video game collectors. Some of whom leaked a translated version of the game onto the streets decades before its official release. It’s a hidden world of backroom deals, grey markets, and borderline-illegal sales of video games. In this world things are nearly-impossible to track, thanks to cash deals behind closed doors, throw-away usernames, and purposeful obscurification.

Are you hyped for Mother to Earth to unearth the origins of EarthBound Beginnings?  I certainly am. I wonder how Reggie feels though.


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