The motherload: Japan to release Mother: The Complete Scripts this month

Mother: The Complete Scripts

The Mother trilogy (also known as EarthBound outside of Japan) is a quirky set of RPGs that have amassed a cult following. Many fans, myself included, fell in love with the unique Mother 2 (EarthBound) on SNES. Its utilization of an urban setting made the adventure feel more familiar. Folks in the United States got a chance to experience the original Mother on NES (available as EarthBound Beginnings via the Wii U Virtual Console). Yet, they are still waiting to play an official release of the GBA Mother 3. People over in Japan, however, can celebrate the titles by purchasing Mother: The Complete Scripts this month.

Mother: The Complete Scripts has a LOT of text

As its name suggests, Mother: The Complete Scripts contains every quote and message from the three Mother games. This includes item explanations and dialogue branches/variations.

Here’s a trailer for the set of books:

Man, that melody brings forth some powerful emotions.

The literature will be purchasable in Japanese book stores on December 25, for 8,888 yen (about $85). It will also be viewable and buyable at the temporary Mother Shop in Hobo Nichiyobi and come with a sticker book.

Overseas shipping will be an option for international fans who can read Japanese. Hopefully, one day the set will get a special edition that documents all the pop culture references added to the titles when they were translated into English.

Enthusiasts, will you be procuring Mother: The Complete Scripts for your collection? Let us know below.


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