Mother Music Revisited album streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes

Mother Music Revisited

The music from the Mother / EarthBound series is brilliant, often being brought up as one of the franchise’s strongest features. Rearranged songs are always a joy to listen to, as they allow you to hear music in a completely different style. Fans of the Mother series will be excited to know that there’s an album dedicated to such music, featuring original series composer Keiichi Suzuki. The Mother Music Revisited album includes 10 rearrangements of iconic Mother songs, and yesterday, the album saw a physical release in Japan and, surprisingly, an international release on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes in the United States and Canada.

Unfortunately, there is no news whether or not Mother Music Revisited will come elsewhere for streaming at this time. As someone who lives in the U.K., I am slightly disappointed as I love the music from this franchise. A live version of the song “Snow Man” has also been released on YouTube, so at least I can listen to that, I guess! If you want the physical album, it is available to order from Amazon Japan. This also ships to different countries (COVID complications not withstanding), so if you’re desperately wanting Mother Music Revisited, you may be in luck.


Jaimie Ditchfield
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