Mother Music Revisited album set for 2021 release in Japan

Mother Music Revisited

Nippon Columbia just revealed that a new album, Mother Music Revisited, will release on January 27, 2021. The album is set to be available physically on both CD and vinyl, with the separate editions respectively priced at 3000 yen and 5500 yen. Additionally, a Deluxe CD edition will be available for 5500 yen. That edition will include a second disc with the original Mother soundtrack.

Mother Music Revisited has some exciting talent behind it. It will feature ten self-covers of Mother BGMs, rearranged by Mother‘s own composer, Keiichi Suzuki. That’s a pretty exciting prospect for fans of what could very well be Nintendo’s most neglected series.

Sure, we cannot get Mother 3 in any capacity whatsoever, but it’s nice to see those who built the series stay involved to some tiny extent – it pairs nicely with random documentaries and Animal Crossing islands, anyway. At this stage, it’s not clear what those of us in other territories will have to do to secure our own copy of Mother Music Revisited, but hopefully that will become clear within the next few weeks.

Are you interested in grabbing your own copy of Mother Music Revisited? Have you ever even played a game in the Mother series, and if so, have you played one that isn’t Earthbound? Sound off in the comments below.


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