Breathtaking 3D Mother fan art reimagines the game for modern platforms

Mother fan art Ezequiel Nieto EarthBound Beginnings Blender CG 3D art inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Although Shigesato Itoi’s Mother / EarthBound franchise was never a massive seller for Nintendo, it has one of the most hardcore fan bases around, and it has influenced myriad subsequent games like Undertale. Now, some of the most amazing pieces of 3D Mother fan art in recent memory have come from artist and Pizia Studios cofounder Ezequiel Nieto. He has shared four images on Twitter of how the original Mother (known as EarthBound Beginnings in the West) might look reimagined for today’s platforms — and it is breathtakingly beautiful. It looks like a real-life diorama, but it was done in a computer.

I actually reached out to Nieto through email for a quick chat, to learn more about this stellar 3D Mother fan art. He explained that he made these pieces in the 3D creation suite Blender across about 14 hours, and he did an incredible job, considering it looks real. The art is inspired by a combination of Mother‘s original clay art and the beautiful style of Nintendo and Grezzo‘s The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake.

Speaking about Link’s Awakening, Nieto said that “aesthetically talking the concept of that game is amazing. When I started modeling the characters I was like, ‘I want them to look as cute as the character from LA,’ but then I remembered the original clay concepts from Mother.”

The art is so good that Shigesato Itoi himself ultimately retweeted it. About that, Nieto said, “I remember a few guys telling me [that Itoi retweeted me] on Twitter and I was like, ‘nah… can’t be true.’ But when I found out it was true, I [shook] and had a chill … I was so excited.”

Ezequiel Nieto’s Pizia Studios is the developer of Master of Wills, a “multiplayer tug of war collectable card game” for Android and iOS, so be sure to check it out. But first, tell us what you think of this unparalleled 3D Mother fan art!

John Friscia
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