Mother 4 fan game has seemingly been reborn as ‘Oddity’ with new trailer

Mother 4 fan game reborn as Oddity trailer new

Shigesato Itoi has famously stated that he has no intention of ever developing a Mother 4 and that he would rather see someone else create it. Back in 2010, a group of dedicated and talented fans sought out to make exactly that game, starting a Mother 4 fan game project. That game, a decade later, has yet to see release of any kind. However, back in 2017, the team did announce that the game would be rebranding itself following DMCA takedowns of other, similar projects. Today, we finally see the new form that this game has taken: Oddity, revealed with a beautiful trailer full of Mother flavor but amplified to a new, more professional level.

Here is the YouTube description for Oddity, formerly Mother 4:

(Oddity) is a surreal urban fantasy role playing game set in the Seventies. Play as Travis Fields, an ordinary boy who leaves home in a bid to save the world Travis takes to the field armed with a baseball bat and pellet gun… Along with powers he’s only now discovering. It might have something to do with that “Gate” thing that blew up on an impromptu camping trip…

…Whatever the case, the world’s in danger! People are crabby, demons run amok, the moon’s covered in creepy ooze, a bear did something… And to top it all off, there’s even a secret society called the “Modern Men” popping up lately. They might be behind all the recent kidnappings… But don’t worry! You’ll make plenty of friends as you fight your way through this weird and groovy world!

If you’re looking for a surreal quest full of oddball characters and serious challenge with lots of heart… then (Oddity) is for you!

Call it whatever you want — it sure looks and feels like a Mother 4, just as Itoi had hoped to see. This is something the world could use! The game currently has no release date or announced platforms, but you can follow its development on Twitter.


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