Mother 3 fan translation gets new patch for game’s 15th anniversary today

15 years old 15th anniversary Mother 3 fan translation new update patch ver. 1.3 Fassad

If the pandemic has emphasized anything, it’s that time flies. Nevertheless, it’s pretty incredible that Shigesato Itoi’s Mother 3 launched on Game Boy Advance in Japan on April 20, 2006 — 15 years ago today, and the game still has never been officially localized outside of Japan. Nevertheless, we do have the patch for the revered, professional-quality Mother 3 English fan translation (and subsequent other translations) thanks to the work of a team including Clyde “Tomato” Mandelin, “JeffMan,” and “Chewy.” And now, for the 15th anniversary of the game, the team has released the new Mother 3 fan translation ver. 1.3 update patch.

Translator Tomato has made clear on Twitter that he had very little to do with this patch’s development, and ver. 1.3 is almost fully the work of Italian Mother 3 fan translator “Lorenzoone,” “who spent the last three years reprogramming the game” to fix assorted tiny bugs. So in essence, this patch will make a spectacular fan localization run even more smoothly than it already did, while correcting really random and odd quirks like, “Made it so Soup and Stew are not drinkable.” There is a huge list of little fixes that have been made.

I can’t even remember anymore when it was that I played through the Mother 3 English fan translation, and I didn’t know who Clyde Mandelin was at the time or that he was already a working professional in localization. However, I remember being blown away by the quality of the translation and thinking repeatedly how Nintendo really should just use this translation. Alas, business is apparently more complicated than that (despite Reggie Fils-Aimé’s extreme trolling), but on the 15th anniversary of Mother 3, a new update patch for the fan translation will certainly suffice.

John Friscia
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