Mortal Kombat dancing on America’s Got Talent is a flawless victory

Mortal Kombat dancing on America's Got Talent is a flawless victory

If you sing or dance or have some stupid trick that probably isn’t useful in the real world, America’s Got Talent is the place to go. On a recent episode, a dance group from Kyrgyzstan (guess it’s The Planet’s Got Talent) appeared on the stage dressed up in Mortal Kombat costumes. The performance is pretty awesome — and also a little creepy.

They basically dressed as Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Smoke, except they used off-brand names like “Electro” and “Inferno.” They performed a pop and lock dance routine, except Raiden commanded and constricted the other characters like an evil puppeteer. They’re all impressive contortionists, and the one dude demonstrates incredible balance and leg strength at the end of the performance.

The performance begins at about 1:34.

Basically, the only thing missing from the Mortal Kombat performance is an army of invaders from Outworld. I guess it would be bad for ratings if they decapitated Howie Mandel on camera, but can they really be sure of that if they haven’t tried? Come on, America’s Got Talent — have some guts. Or a severed head, in this case?

Anyway, let us know what you think of this oddity. I can’t dance, so if you put a person on a stage who can sway to a beat, they’ve got me beat.


John Friscia
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