Mortal Kombat movie delayed indefinitely due to COVID: box office Fatality

Mortal Kombat movie delayed indefinitely covid-19 pandemic 2021 todd garner simon mcquoid

Once upon a time, director Simon McQuoid’s Mortal Kombat movie was supposed to launch in January 2021, which was actually sooner than a previous March 2021 release date it had received. However, in the face of production delays stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that the United States box office is all but dead, the movie has now been delayed indefinitely. Even the release of a potential trailer is completely in limbo now. This information comes from Mortal Kombat movie producer Todd Garner on Twitter.

Nonetheless, the movie has a promising cast portraying myriad characters from the films. Particularly, I’m excited by Ludi Lin, who played the Black Ranger in Power Rangers, as Liu Kang, and I’m very down to see The Raid‘s Joe Taslim portray Sub-Zero. Curiously though, no actor was ever announced to be playing Johnny Cage, leaving fans to wonder what’s going on on that front.

This new Mortal Kombat movie isn’t the only video game movie with a theatrical release date in flux. Capcom and Sony Pictures’ Monster Hunter movie has yo-yoed back and forth before finally landing (maybe) on a December release. Few people have high expectations for that film, but maybe Mortal Kombat will fare better.


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