More Pokemon Tretta Lab Information Released


Pokemon Tretta Lab, a new 3DS Pokemon themed game, will come packaged with a scanner that is attachable to the 3DS or 3DS XL and a base for either the 3DS or 3DS XL.  To use the scanner, the player will have to download the \”Pokemon Tretta Lab Main system\” game from the Nintendo 3DS eShop.  Luckily, an eShop code will also come in the game package to speed up the process for eager players wanting to download it right away.

Also, in the game package there will be three Tretta \”pucks\” and the Pokemon will be Eevee, Mewtwo, Lucario, and a fourth puck of Pichu if you pre-order the game.  Tretta Lab will have three different modes utilizing the pucks.  The first mode is Tretta Analyzer which shows you the Pokemon from the puck you scanned and its type and stats.  Mode two is called Type Checker and it allows you to compare two Pokemon side by side to see if their type combo matches up.  The third mode is called Auto Battle and lets you scan two pucks, which then shows the two Pokemon battling or you can set up a bunch of different scenarios.

Pokemon Tretta Lab will launch in Japan on August 10 for the Nintendo 3DS.  There is no information on whether it will release in the UK or North America.

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[Source: Nintendo Everything]

Tom Stovall