Moon Rights Return to Renegade Kid in 2014

In 2009, developer Renegade Kid worked with publisher Mastiff to release Moon, a first-person shooter for the Nintendo DS. Despite the relative success of the game, information regarding another installment in the franchise was minimal, if anything at all. Now, we have learned the reason.

Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham noted on Twitter that Renegade Kid has maintained an exclusive publishing deal with Mastiff since 2009. Accordingly, Mastiff has held the IP rights to Moon during that time. However, Watsham revealed that the deal will soon be meeting its end in 2014, which means the Moon rights will fall back to Renegade Kid.

Watsham seems justifiably excited about the end of the deal. There may indeed be plans for a new Moon game, but we have no confirmation except for the energy captured in Watsham’s 140-character-or-less responses.

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

Dakota Lasky