Monster Rancher will use custom CD database to create monsters

Monster Rancher uses custom CD database to create monsters, iOS and Android, 70% complete

So, uh, suffice to say you guys were really happy on social media when we shared the news that the original Monster Rancher is coming to Switch. Now, lots more cool news has come out. Firstly, the game will also release for Android and iOS, which is better than nothing. Secondly, the game is 70 percent complete already and will include some new elements not seen before. And most intriguingly, players can generate monsters in the game by cycling through CD names in a “custom database” over a network.

ThisĀ Monster Rancher news all comes by way of Gematsu, who further adds, “Players can also download and battle the monsters raised by breeders all over Japan. The Switch version also supports two-player battles with one Joy-Con per player.”

Whose database of CD names being used is unclear, and I hope it won’t add an extra layer of complication to localizing the game internationally, since Monster Rancher does not have an official international release yet. However, this is still basically the best case scenario of how Koei Tecmo could have handled the “how to spawn monsters” problem.

Now we just watch and wait if Koei Tecmo has some good news to deliver to international players.

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