Monster Rancher update adds plenty of content… for Japan

koei tecmo japan nintendo switch monster-rancher-update-nintendo-switch

Koei Tecmo has shared detailed about an upcoming Monster Rancher update. Per Gematsu, the Japanese game will be getting a lot of new content at no extra cost, including new monsters, and a Tournament Mode.

For instance, a new manual save slot has been added for free. This will take the free slots up to two, with another 12 available to purchase for 120 yen a piece, or 980 yen for the 12 altogether. Additionally, for Battle Mode, previously you could only select your own monster, but now you can select monsters uploaded by other players too.

A new Tournament Mode will be available to¬†Monster Rancher players whose monster meets the tournament’s requirements. Battles will then play out automatically without player influence.

Furthermore, new music data for CD titles released between Sept. 29, 2019 and Feb. 1, 2020 has been added, as well as music released between September 2019 and January 2020 for the physical Switch version. And finally, an Ability Total display has been added, and some assorted bug fixes have been made.

Despite the amount of interest international players have expressed for Monster Rancher on Nintendo Switch, Koei Tecmo has kept the game (and its mobile ports) in Japan. You can still download the title with a Japanese eShop account, but you might get a little lost in all the Japanese text.


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