Monster Rancher hits Switch in Japan Dec. 19, no overseas plans yet

Monster Rancher release date Switch Koei Tecmo no international

It’s been a little while since we got any updates on the original┬áPlayStation 1 Monster Rancher receiving a port to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, but it finally has its Japanese launch date. The game will publish from Koei Tecmo for Android and iOS on Nov. 28 and Nintendo Switch on Dec. 19, costing 1960 yen ($17.94 USD). There has yet to be a single whisper about the game receiving an international release, in spite of growing demand for it.

We first caught word of Monster Rancher coming to Switch back in August. And we subsequently learned that the game would use a custom database of CD names to use to generate monsters, in lieu of actual physical CDs that obviously can’t be loaded into a Switch or mobile device. In September, Koei Tecmo showed off a trailer for how Monster Rancher would look in its new port. (It looks exactly the same.)

Despite publisher silence when it comes to releasing the title internationally, there is a slight bright side. Since Nintendo Switch isn’t region-locked, you can always just make a Japanese eShop account and buy a Japanese copy of the game. If you happen to have an extremely good memory of how everything worked in the old PS1 game, maybe you can still make it work!

Let us know if you’ve still got fingers crossed for Monster Rancher in English.


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