Monster Rancher gets its first gloriously old-school Switch trailer

Monster Rancher trailer Switch via Koei Tecmo

The original PlayStation 1 Monster Rancher is headed to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in Japan this year, and it will cost 1,900 yen. Alongside ongoing announcements at Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo has taken the lid off of the first trailer for the game on Switch, and it looks… exactly how we remembered! In other words, it’s gloriously, archaically ugly, with seemingly no bells and whistles whatsoever. And I have a hunch that’s exactly what hardcore fans want. Check the trailer out, going by the series’s known name in Japan, Monster Farm.

As we previously reported, Monster Rancher will make use of some sort of custom CD database to access virtual versions of the physical CDs that were used to spawn monsters in the original PlayStation 1 version. Although we still don’t know the specifics, it sounds like the best-case scenario of a solution on paper, as the CD aspect was once critical to the fun and excitement of the series.

Koei Tecmo still has not whispered any words of releasing Monster Rancher internationally, but inevitably, they must be keeping an ear to the ground about how we’ve been reacting to this news. So if you want the game to come west, make some noise about it!


John Friscia
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