Monster Rancher explains how its new CD database feature works

Koei Tecmo Monster Rancher CD database details release date

In Japan, the original Monster Rancher is coming to Android and iOS on Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving!) and to Nintendo Switch on Dec. 19. Unfortunately, Koei Tecmo has still yet to express any interest in giving the game an international release, but since Switch isn’t region-locked, players who create a Japanese eShop account can still access the game if they really want. And per Siliconera, Koei Tecmo has now explained how the game’s innovative new feature works, the online CD database.

The original Monster Rancher on PlayStation 1 used physical CDs to generate specific monsters for use in the game. Switch and mobile devices obviously can’t have a CD shoved in them, so a new online CD database will serve an equivalent function. Players will be able to search by album title or artist to find the desired CD they want to use, and “you can find the CD data from over 500,000 monsters in order to create the monster.” So, it sounds like whether you want to plug in a Backstreet Boys album or a BTS album to make a monster, you’re probably covered.

Additionally, this Monster Rancher port will have an optional autosave feature, and it will apparently be possible to search for friends’ monsters to battle, in addition to just having couch multiplayer battles on the Switch version.


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