Intrigue: A Switch exclusive Monster Hunter title may be announced soon

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World is a popular title in the action role-playing series. I mean, it’s Capcom’s best-selling game ever. Despite its fame, the adventure has not made its way over to the Nintendo Switch for legitimate reasons. But that doesn’t mean Capcom isn’t interested in making a new entry for the hybrid console.

Can you imagine the sales numbers on a new Switch Monster Hunter?

Insider Dusk Golem believes a Monster Hunter Switch game is set to be revealed soon:

Oh boy, RE Engine on the Switch?! Maybe other Capcom franchises will make their way over, too…

Never mind. Maybe on Nintendo’s next console.

Always take statements like this with a grain of salt. Regardless, creating a RE Engine-compatible Switch title from scratch is a great idea. Doubly so if the game is part of the Monster Hunter series. Nintendo fans love trapping monsters, after all. I’m sure it would push the system to its limits. Every video game running on Capcom’s unique interface, from Resident Evil 2 to Devil May Cry 5, is a sight to behold.

Enthusiasts, are you big fans of the Monster Hunter series? Would you purchase an entry that is exclusive to the Switch? Let us know below!

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