Monster Hunter Stories 2 devs explain why they’re sticking with a turn-based battle system

Monster Hunter STories 2

The Monster Hunter series is all about the action, but when it comes to Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom wants to keep the turn-based battle system. The development team of the Monster Hunter RPG sequel explained in a 4Gamer interview why they’re keeping the turn-based battles and what will be different in the sequel.

Below are highlights from the interview with the Monster Hunter Stories 2 development team:

4Gamer: Monster Hunter Stories 2, like its predecessor, features a turn-based battle system. Was this decided from the beginning of its development? Can you also tell us why it hasn’t changed?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 development team: “Stories is a non-action Monster Hunter series that we’d like to raise as a new pillar. We made it for people who aren’t good at action games or just plain like RPGs. A lot of people who enjoyed the first game voiced that it was a ‘well-done Monster Hunter RPG,’ so we don’t feel that changing that is necessary.”

Monster Hunter Stories 2 turn-based battle system

4Gamer: Tell us about some of the changes in battle from the previous game or any implemented systems.

MHStories 2 dev team: “Continuing from our previous response, we didn’t think that it would be okay to leave it the same just because. Strengthening the random elements that help win rock-paper-scissors situations is a big part of the improvements in the battle system. For the previous game, we thought of the battle system with the aim of reading monster habits to gain an advantage in battle, but we felt that being able to get a full read made it boring, so we decided to shake things up a bit. However, that shaking up resulted in luck-based elements that we regretted because it felt that it didn’t matter much whether you won or lost.

“For Monster Hunter Stories 2, we decided to do away with the previous policy and improve on the battle system. Our initial concern was whether it would be fun to actually win rock-paper-scissors with certainty. But that ended up being groundless apprehension, as we feel that we’ve improved the battle system into something incredibly fun. Advanced players of the action-based Monster Hunter games basically read monsters and run around as if it’s forever their turn, and we think that we were able to reproduce that feeling in the battles of Monster Hunter Stories 2.”

“You can easily get a feel for it, even if you’re not confident in your action gaming skills. It’s also an RPG, so anyone can win just by leveling up enough. We especially want people who aren’t good at action games to play this game to get a taste of what makes Monster Hunter fun.”

Monster Hunter Stories 2 turn-based battle system

4Gamer: We now have the four weapons of Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Hammer, Hunting Horn, and the addition of the newly announced Gunlance. Can you tell us about how that was decided?

MHStories 2 dev team: “The part about ‘how to make an RPG different’ is important. For example, the action Monster Hunter games have various elements that differentiate with each weapon — from a sense of touch to usability. For Monster Hunter Stories, we must think about differentiating the turn-based battles. While we understand that appearances, abilities, and popularity matter, this is a result of focusing on making a difference in how to play. Again, Monster Hunter Stories isn’t about having fun hunting as a Hunter but enjoying raising monsters as a Rider. So, instead of adding more weapon variety, we focused more on adding monsters.”

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin launches on Nintendo Switch and PC on July 9, 2021. Check out the latest trailer for a look at Lilia and Reverto from the first game.