Monster Hunter Rise trailer shows off Wyvern Riding, demo launches today

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The Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event occurred this morning, and Capcom provided a new trailer and plenty of new details for new monsters, areas, and even a new mechanic (well, to this part of the franchise) called “Wyvern Riding.” Wyvern Riding will allow you — once you’ve fulfilled the requirements — to ride a monster you’re battling and even use it to fight other monsters. Additionally, the promised Monster Hunter Rise demo is arriving today some time on the Nintendo Switch eShop and will be available until 3:00 a.m. ET on Feb. 1. (We will note a subsequent, perhaps erroneous tweet claims the demo is coming tomorrow, but suffice to say, we have additional info to suggest today is the correct date.)

Next, here are a bunch of details on new and returning monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Goss Harag lives in icy regions and creates blades of ice with its own breath. Barioth is a flying wyvern with huge fangs and sharp spikes. Lagombi uses its belly to glide around the snow at dangerous speed. Khezu is a flying wyvern, a “creepy monster” that lives in dark places and releases electricity from its body and super long neck. Great Baggi is a bird wyvern with a “large protruding crest” on its head and can put you to sleep. Tigrex is a flying wyvern that is “extremely aggressive” and rushes to its prey to deal heavy damage. Mizutsune creates dangerous bubbles that limit your movement as it shoots a dangerous laser at you or just throws its body at you. Magnamalo attacks with a “type of gas that looks like hellfire” and is functioning as the premiere baddie of the game.

It’s unclear if you will able to Wyvern Ride all these creatures in Monster Hunter Rise, but regardless — oh baby.

Next, here’s what we know about the characters in Monster Hunter Rise: Fugen is a long sword wielder who takes of care things. Hinoa and Minoto are maidens that sing soothing songs in the hub village. Yomogi is a cheerful young girl who runs the local tea shop. Hojo, the oldest man in town, is a guild manager that manages quests. Master Utsushi leads all of the hunters. Iori is a Buddy Handler who loves animals. Kogarashi is a “Felyne Chief” in charge of deploying Meowcenaries. And Rondine is a trader (no, not traitor) from a faraway land.

The coolest part of all though about the village is probably just that there’s a robust training area now, where you have some ability to affect the circumstances of the training; this will surely be useful in improving your skills with the many weapons.

Finally, Yasunori Ichinose, director of Monster Hunter Rise, appeared to explain the contents of the new demo with optional online play that will launch today on the Nintendo Switch eShop. There are four quests centering on the Shrine Ruins, two of which are just tutorials for new Monster Hunter Rise content — one for the new Wirebug feature and the other for Wyvern Riding. The full Capcom game will launch March 26, 2021 and feature amiibo support.

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