Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak flagship monster Malzeno introduced

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak flagship monster Malzeno introduced

Capcom shared another look at the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion with some new details on its flagship monster Malzeno and more during its Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021 presentation today.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is what Capcom calls a “massive expansion” to the base game with the introduction of Master Rank quests. The expansion will start with the players setting off on a journey from Kamura Village, your base in Monster Hunter Rise, to a completely new base of operations. We’ll get more details about the story and exactly what kind of base it is in the future.

One of the new locales shown during the Nintendo Direct trailer had the appearance of castle ruins. This locale’s sky turns crimson red during the night, which gives it an eerie atmosphere. That’s also where we saw the reveal of the expansion’s new flagship monster “Malzeno,” which is an Elder Dragon, as expected. Capcom didn’t share any further details about Malzeno but will share more about it in a future announcement for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Lastly, Capcom shared new footage to reveal a returning monster, our favorite crab, Shogun Ceanataur. The Carapaceon monster originally appeared in Monster Hunter 2. The last time the blue crab saw action in the main series was in Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate.

Watch the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak presentation from the TGS 2021 Capcom Online Program below:

The program starts with a bit of a behind-the-scenes talk, but you can catch the part dedicated to Sunbreak starting at the 32:33 mark of the video.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches in summer 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. The original Monster Hunter Rise will release on PC via Steam on January 12, 2022. A demo for the PC version will be available starting October 13, 2021.