Monster Hunter Rise second demo against Magnamalo arrives this week

Monster Hunter Rise second demo Magnamalo Nintendo Switch eShop release date Thursday, March 11 demo 2

Capcom is providing Monster Hunter Rise with a second demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop, arriving on Thursday, March 11. This second demo will contain a difficult hunt against Magnamalo, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise, as well as the four quests you remember from the first demo from January. Presuming you played that first demo, Capcom noted that your quest counter from then will be reset, and you’ll “be able to dive back in to test (your) mettle against the Wyvern of Malice!”

While you wait for that, you can check out the new “Kamura’s Hope” trailer for the game, which also reveals a free title update is coming late in April with more monsters, like Chameleos. More new monsters will follow in the future. The trailer additionally reiterates the bonuses that come from preordering the game or buying its Deluxe Edition.

Aside from the Monster Hunter Rise second demo news for the eShop, Capcom also revealed today during its digital event that Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC simultaneously in July. Additionally, that title on Switch will receive three amiibo launching alongside it. The amount of support that Capcom shows Nintendo Switch only gets better and better, and everybody is a winner.

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