Adorbs: Capcom is selling a Monster Hunter Rise Palamute plush in Japan

Monster Hunter Rise

Back in September, Capcom brought news a Switch exclusive Monster Hunter game was in development. Titled Monster Hunter Rise, the title sports no loading times and a sweet grapple. In addition, there will be a cute dog companion you can ride on named Palamute. And since all of humanity loves an adorable doggo, Capcom has decided to sell a plush of the canine in Japan.

The Monster Hunter Rise Palamute plushie will probably sell boatloads

Measuring roughly 12 inches by 24 inches, the Palamute sports a sleepy look that will make any owner want to squeeze it with the fury of a thousand suns. Seriously, I’ve never played a game in the Monster Hunter series and I need this in my life.

Monster Hunter Rise
Rub the belly!

The item can be pre-ordered on its lonesome for 11,000 yen with tax (about $105), or it can be purchased in a bundle with Monster Hunter Rise, pre-order DLC, and an illustrated calendar for 17,600 yen with tax (about $169).

Enthusiasts, will you be utilizing any and all methods available to obtain one of these limited Palamutes? Are you excited for Monster Hunter Rise? How are you dealing with the wait until its launch on March 26, 2021? Let us know below.


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