Monster Hunter Rise Okami collaboration adds Amaterasu

Amaterasu joins Monster Hunter Rise in Okami Collaboration

Capcom has revealed that the next Monster Hunter Rise collaboration is with Okami, and it arrives on July 30, 2021. The game’s second Capcom collaboration will add the Sun Goddess Amaterasu as a Palamute Layered Armor set, and you can check it out in a new trailer.

Prior to the Monster Hunter RiseOkami collaboration, the first Capcom Collab brought us the Tsukino Costume for our Palicoes last month. We also got the “Rider” Layered Armor set for Hunters earlier this month. This time, our Palamutes will get something extra nice from the Capcom Collab 2 with the “Ammy Costume” as an event quest reward. Additionally, on July 29, the day before the Okami collaboration, there will be new downloadable content for a set of stickers. Capcom hasn’t shared any further details, but you’ll likely have to take on an event quest to win those as well.

We’ve known that the third Capcom Collab will arrive sometime in August, but we’ll likely find out what it is a few days before it becomes available next month. The trailer also shows that Capcom Collab 4 and Capcom Collab 5 will arrive this fall as downloadable content.

Watch the Monster Hunter Rise Okami collaboration trailer featuring Amaterasu below:

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch. The PC version will release worldwide in early 2022.