The Frost Lands concept art shared for Monster Hunter Rise, teasing dangerous adventure

Monster Hunter Rise Frost Lands concept art Capcom

Capcom has been sharing various pieces of concept art for the upcoming Monster Hunter RiseLast week, we reported on some character artwork featuring Komitsu. This time around, Capcom has shared concept art for the Frost Lands, a location in the game. One of my favorite aspects of the Monster Hunter franchise is the distinct environments that you can explore. In these three pieces of concept art, Capcom demonstrates the beautiful nature of the game’s world.

The concept art portrays the Frost Lands in three different areas. We get a glimpse of a Tetranadon, a crocodile-like monster that we will most likely be slaying at one point or another. The other two pieces focus more on the environment itself, with one showcasing tracking a monster while the other focuses on exploration.

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed a limited-edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch console. At the moment, the console is exclusive to Japan and Europe. A limited edition Pro Controller was also announced, featuring a Monster Hunter design. Hopefully, these Monster Hunter Rise goodies will make their way across to America. If you’re excited to play Monster Hunter Rise, there are not even two months to go before its release on March 26.


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