Monster Hunter Rise demo coming for limited time, new trailer revealed

Capcom Monster Hunter Rise demo trailer the game awards 2020 nintendo switch

While there wasn’t a load of megaton Nintendo Switch announcements at The Game Awards (Sephiroth aside), we did get some news. Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise is one of our most anticipated Switch titles for next spring, and we got a fresh look at the game. An extended trailer showcased how things are shaping up for Capcom’s Switch exclusive, and it revealed that a Monster Hunter Rise demo is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in January “for a limited time only.” Capcom hasn’t announced the specific content of January’s demo, but it will seemingly feature online play, as long as you have Nintendo Switch Online.

The new trailer gave us a glimpse at the hub world, along with the game’s impressive environments and new monsters. We’ll say this — Monster Hunter Rise looks really good visually for a Switch title, and the injection of color over Monster Hunter: World is a welcome change. Here is a description of the new monsters:

The trickster Bishaten arrives as a unique new threat with its distinctive tail and fondness for persimmons, which it stores in his stomach and hurls at its prey. Adding to its offensive arsenal, Bishaten is also equipped with multiple tail attack options and powerful spin moves that will require hunters to stay on their toes or risk getting swept off their feet. Also new to the line-up, Somnacanth is an intoxicating aquatic leviathan that can expel sleep powder to temporarily stun opponents, leaving them open for attacks.

Capcom showcased a new combat event in Monster Hunter Rise. The Rampage is an event where hunters will need to defend the village from the threat of a multi-monster attack. If there’s that many enemies to tackle, you’ll likely need to work together to take them down.

Monster Hunter Rise launches March 26, 2021, with the demo coming some time in January.

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